Printing Information

Most of the images on this website are for sale.

If there is something you require and is not showing on the site, please email me with the print name and your requirements and I will get back to you with options and prices.

Most people prefer to purchase prints only and mount and frame the prints themselves. For this reason I have just included the price for prints. If you require your print mounted or framed, please email me as my professional lab also provides this service. I am happy to discuss any requirements with you. Also, I provide a 100% guarantee - if you aren't totally happy I will refund you - no questions asked.

If you have any queries, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are 2 main types of professional photo & art prints, C-type & Giclée.

C-Type Prints
The ultimate professional photographic archival prints; silver based Digital C-types are real photographic prints, created on light sensitive paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source. This creates an analogue style print from a digital file with unparalleled depth, subtlety of tonal variation and shadow detail.

Print sizes (max): 50" by 157" (127cm x 400cm)
File preparation resolution: 300 DPI
Printer resolution: 425 PPI (relative resolution 1500 DPI)
Technology: Continuous tone - photographic process
Archival life expectancy: 40 years daylight, 80 years in dark

C-Type Fuji Matt
Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matt finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a very natural photographic finish with subtle colour.

C-Type Fuji Gloss
Professional colour paper from the Fuji Crystal archive range with a gloss finish, which accentuates the colour to give a punchy, rich feel.

C-Type Fuji Flex
Fuji Flex, a.k.a. super-gloss, has a plastic feel to the paper with a warm base colour and an ultra-high gloss finish, giving luxurious rich colours.

C-Type Kodak Metallica
Kodak Metallic has a rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel.

Fine art Giclées
Epson Giclées; a fine art print with style and finesse, our Giclées are made using the latest Epson professional inkjets and our papers are hand-picked from professional ranges to give maximum choice and quality to the final print.

Print sizes (max): 59" by 157" (150cm x 400cm)
File preparation resolution: 300 DPI
Printer resolution: 1440 x 2880 DPI
Technology: Epson UltraChrome  HDX Wide Gamut Inks
Archival life expectancy: 40 years daylight, 200 years in dark

Hahnemühle Photo Rag
At 308 g.s.m. this is a heavy art paper, with a fibrous finish. The paper softens the image and mutes the colours giving a watercolour feel to the final image.

Hahnemühle German Etching
At 310 g.s.m. this heavyweight etching paper is silky smooth with a fine surface texture. It is one of the most popular media worldwide for artwork & photography.

Canson Baryta Photographique
This 310 g.s.m. pure white, museum-grade Baryta paper, offers maximum longevity. Great for high contrast images, as well as fluorescent and vivid colours.